Forever Homes

Introductions and preliminaries are in order, yes?  We are Old Southern Estate, & by we I mean my family, the four of us.  My parents have no part in the online proceedings, but are yaying and naying on items within our house.  My sister is running the shop and our Instagram account, and I am in charge of this blog; giving a little depth and personability to the items which are for sale.

The items range from things we have personally obtained through the years, as well as items stretching into the past on my mothers side; her family haling from Ohio by way of Germany and Switzerland.  I won’t hit on every item, but just the ones that strike my fancy; eliciting emotions or memories within me, or the items that have a story.  We’re happy to have you along, so stay tuned for future posts.

As for the photo that I’ve chosen for this initial post, there’s not much of a story to it.  It’s a vintage 80s purse, they were all the rage for awhile then.  We all had one, us girls I mean.  This one was moms.  They’re supposed to be reversible, where you undo the buttons and flip the fabric for a different look.  We all got ours at the same time, but for some reason mom’s was never finished, as in the other side of the fabric, a floral pattern, has an unfinished bottom side.

A commenter on Instagram asked, “Johnathon Livingston’s Seagull?”, and you know I suppose that my mom might have purchased this one for that reason as she loves that poem.  But, I think the person who made it simply made a seagull.


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