Tobacco Tins


These tobacco tins are really cool, so why would I be parting with them?  Well, I am only partially parting with them.  Honestly, there were five and my sister had to remind me that there was a square one, which I seem to have misplaced at the moment.  But, in the 14 years that I’ve had all of these tins, I could never really find a purpose for all of them beyond display.  However, I’m not too big on keeping lots of the same objects simply for display.  Two do have a purpose in my life; another set (in different colours) to the one’s shown; a large and a small round, so those are the ones that I decided to keep.

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The Revlon Dolls


The Revlon dolls were gifts to my mother in her childhood.  They were her favourite dolls.  My grandmother never really believed in keeping things hidden away or protected, because if it was a toy, then it was meant to be played with.  They saw storage until my sister was old enough to play dolls and they were not packed up again until we inherited them from my grandmothers estate.  

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Forever Homes

Introductions and preliminaries are in order, yes?  We are Old Southern Estate, & by we I mean my family, the four of us.  My parents have no part in the online proceedings, but are yaying and naying on items within our house.  My sister is running the shop and our Instagram account, and I am in charge of this blog; giving a little depth and personability to the items which are for sale.

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